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Peghole & Peghole Wide

After my avantgarde adventures, back to some working stuff: Peghole is finished, including punctuation, accented letters and more. I sticked with the initial set of bricks (see the older post on this fontstruction below), except for the © and ® … Continue reading


rock bottom…

Always searching for less, one is bound to hit the bottom. In my quest for ever smaller grids I tried some experimental fonts. And ended up with mucho experiment and little font. Anyway, here is the outcome of my little … Continue reading


For the sake of completion – and because they told something about the why and how of this blog’s subject – I translated some early dutch posts in english. You will find the english text of the ‘FontStruct’ and ‘Carpetknife’ … Continue reading

Tyrone is feeling better…

Glad to inform that Rob downloaded and printed Tyrone from Indesign. And had no spacing troubles. Happy me… Thanks Rob!


Alas! Tyrone stutters…

My Tyrone Struction had a flaw that seemed solved, but now strikes back. In the review window of the FontStruction application, letterspacing looks odd. Rob Meek pointed out this was probably due to the fact that I started some characters … Continue reading



3 block fontstruction Working on peghole. The rules: only 3 block-shapes and their rotations or reflections: square, quarter circle and ‘chopped’ square (see the image). Small grid size: x-height only three blocks high (hard in the three storey characters: e, … Continue reading


tyrone online!

download the truetype version at:



Family fun! This one too started a while ago. Also put on hold because the continuous version (called cheeks) didn’t work back then. Wanted to make a very lively lowercase so I fooled around with the x-height. Hadn’t looked at … Continue reading


Bop Closer

Made this version of Bop Carre a while ago, but kept it in the drawer since the letterspacing trick didn’t work back then. I started my characters one grid square left from the origin to make them stick together. Worked … Continue reading