Fifties Flanders

Life lessons.

As a young boy, I used to sneak up to my grandmother’s attic, to disappear four hours between the magazines and books in that small room built under the much bigger roof. Books my father and his brothers must have read in the fifties, when art was to raise the worker and the upcoming middle class above the daily grey. Post war years: optimism so naive it makes me smile.

I read the more adventurous titles in those days, but here are some covers I could not throw away. The titles read ‘Spring of the heart’, ‘The hard way’, ‘The difficult choice’ and finaly ‘Give me one more chance’. Keep up the spirit ;-)

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highlights from the lowlands

Gids voor deelnemers aan een driedaagse tour door het Vlaamse en Nederlandse theaterlandschap met internationale professionals. Het format van deze publicatie voor Kunstenpunt kan door de opdrachtgever zelf in huis worden gereproduceerd voor andere events. In nauwe samenwerking met Hilde Princen.

Participants guide to a three day tour through the flemish and dutch theater landscape with international professionals. Made for Flanders Arts Institute, the format can be reproduced in-house on future and different events. In close harmony with Hilde Princen.


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