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Two sisters?

needlework type To finish the series on needle-crafted type with a sunday feeling, here are two pieces from the Ecole Moyenne de l’Etat in Verviers. Made by two girls with the same aristocratic surname von Hagen. Sisters I presume, but … Continue reading


Analog pixel art 5

faience? Ninove, today. Postscript has taken over the market…


Analog pixel art 4

Another stitched alphabet Another great exercise, dated 1921. While she has all the other N’s right, Ghislaine mirrored the one in her own name. I like this piece a lot. It looks very even at first sight, while looking closer … Continue reading


Analog pixel art 3

Bonsoir! This piece comes from a lot I found in a ‘brocante’ in the Blaesstraat (Rue Blaes) in the Brussels Marollen district. It is a bag, made as an exercise in needle-work, without doubt to contain more exercices. The Z … Continue reading


analog pixel art 2

Martinas Today is mosaic day, or tiling day if you like your mosaic a little more prosaic. Pictures were taken in Merchtem, Belgium. And ‘brouwerij’ means ‘brewery’. Cheers. Looks very Fontstruct, not?


analog pixel art

When I was a kid, we had no computers. But did we have pixel art! It looked like this. Pixel art is as old as the grid. Looking for old examples of the use of a grid, two disciplines come … Continue reading