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Fontstructing in the seventies

Rob Ligtelijn — I found this book in a charity shop some time ago. The choice of colour, the bold, clear approach and the letterforms make it an iconographic example of seventies design. The lettering could have been designed in … Continue reading


Spinsels has been fontfed…

Somebody likes what we do! Yves Peeters from FontShop interviewed yours truly on the Fontfeed. About working with FontStruct and using it in type class.



is the rebaptized crackhouse FontStructor Paul Hunt pointed out that House Industries already have a font with the name Crackhouse. So I renamed my struction. Thanks Paul. Sorry House Industries.



wildclover fontstruct Currently working on wildclover, a Fontstruction that is trying to explore the boundaries of legibility by playing with inner and outer shapes. Some characters work fine, but the m and n are kids from the neighbours. x, y and … Continue reading



glyph overview For links to and downloads from Fontstruct, see the former post.



new fontstructions Two new small grid fontstructions I made in FontStruct. Safehouse is a minimal stencil font. Basics only: lowercase, numerals and some punctuation. The new spacing controls in FontStruct were a major help here: working in this small grid means … Continue reading


Analog pixel art 4

Another stitched alphabet Another great exercise, dated 1921. While she has all the other N’s right, Ghislaine mirrored the one in her own name. I like this piece a lot. It looks very even at first sight, while looking closer … Continue reading



Bijloke bier For this beer label, I adapted my Peghole Fontstruct to hang from the top instead of standing on a baseline. A special J was needed too… The backdrop was done in Illustrator.


analog pixel art 2

Martinas Today is mosaic day, or tiling day if you like your mosaic a little more prosaic. Pictures were taken in Merchtem, Belgium. And ‘brouwerij’ means ‘brewery’. Cheers. Looks very Fontstruct, not?


Peghole Narrow Black

  A wide version called for a narrow one. But narrowing a 3 block letter meant sacrificing the inner space. So Peghole Narrow automatically became Peghole Narrow Black. The hatches in the A, B, D, P and Q and several … Continue reading