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At the bottom of my box…

this read like a message: I worried first, but after reading the record label a calm smile came over me. I will sit here for a while and watch the sky. With no music on.



78rpm sleeves [6] These two close the series on 78 rpm record sleeves. Enjoy.



78rpm sleeves [5] My box is nearly empty now. A few more to go. And then, back to books.



78rpm sleeves [4] tomorrow: Decca!


Regal! Olympia! Elite!

78rpm sleeves [3] Cristal, Odeon, Imperial, Olympia, Elite…  all very serious and pompous names. Even amusement was highbrow in the days before rock ‘n roll. Next: Victory!


Pathé! Telefunken!

78rpm sleeves [2] The empty Pathé sleeve is not part of the box-collection. More to follow.


Cristal! Odeon! Imperial!

78rpm sleeves [1] The music I grew up with was always associated with imagery. En plus, I lived and survived the era of the ‘concept album’. Every 33 rpm record had it’s own lavishly designed 30 by 30 cm back … Continue reading


Boxed treasure

78rpm sleeves — I have a weakness for old paper. I like the surface it has and the life it had. So I collect stuff that other people would throw away. It is rare to come across plain old useless … Continue reading