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More incisions…

  Me just continuing the path set out by the incision sketches, my son claimed this was a drawing of a pipe. So I added the text balloon and introduced him to surrealism and image semantics…


Some b’s

Less abstract, this lettering. My pencil definitely wanted to draw some b’s. Number three is funny, but maybe an example of the gimmickry I mentioned in last post? you decide…



Sketches below and in earlier posts are to some extent absent minded. The hand moves over the paper without aesthetic consideration. At least at the start… Once something strikes, the next few attempts may try to refine the emerging idea. … Continue reading


Abstract lettering

Some R’s These were done some time ago. New sketches coming up…


Abstract lettering 2

  another useless scribble from my time-buyer/time-killer series…


Abstract lettering

Letters are as much about the inner spaces as about the printing part. No new thought to anyone familiar with type, of course. It’s about the tension between outer and inner contours, sometimes fragile, sometimes bold. Good type, when enlarged, … Continue reading



blind lettering! Fontstruct is fun, but square. Time to break out of the grid. Let’s play a game. The tools: paper, a pencil or a brush and a free mind. The rules: put the point of your pencil somewhere on the … Continue reading