Tatoed backbones

Gottmer editions, 1950


— A few weeks ago my friend Stijn took me to Damplein, in Antwerpen Noord. One side of the square is backed by a sloped wall, the side of the exit of the high-speed railway tunnel towards Amsterdam. Behind some long banner-shaped curtains, people leave goods they have no use for, to be picked up by other people who might like the stuff. A free and unattended second hand shop in open air! On one of the shelves I found these novels, published by Gottmer in 1949 and 1950. Plain books, well made, like things were done in those days. But the spines do make them stand out.

Senta Centervall, Bernadotte De held van Béarn, 1950.
Arne Vaagen, De man van Oldersund, 1950.
Toon Kortooms, Beekman en Beekman, 1949.
Maria Dutli-Rutishauser, Het leven gaat verder in Sumbri, 1950.
Will Creed, Il Grande, 1949.
all published by Uitgeverij J.H. Gottmer, Haarlem – Antwerpen.
The cover designs are by Rein van Looy.

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highlights from the lowlands

Gids voor deelnemers aan een driedaagse tour door het Vlaamse en Nederlandse theaterlandschap met internationale professionals. Het format van deze publicatie voor Kunstenpunt kan door de opdrachtgever zelf in huis worden gereproduceerd voor andere events. In nauwe samenwerking met Hilde Princen.

Participants guide to a three day tour through the flemish and dutch theater landscape with international professionals. Made for Flanders Arts Institute, the format can be reproduced in-house on future and different events. In close harmony with Hilde Princen.




open atelier 6-05-2017

 tipozero en chez rosi doen mee aan drukdrukdruk het grafiek-event van kunst werkt. Op zaterdag 6 mei kan je tussen 10 en 17 u het atelier bezoeken. Je ziet hoe letterpress en riso werken, kan in onze publicaties neuzen en krijgt antwoord op al je vragen. Welkom!

tipozero and chez rosi join  drukdrukdruk : a graphic event by kunst werkt. On Saturday 6th of May between 10:00 an 17:00 you are invited to visit the workshop. See how letterpress and riso work, leaf through our publications and find the answer to all your questions. Welcome!